September 1, 2014 Life With "Augie" The RV

Hi From Sophie

Hi, this is my new blog.

I’m living in August the RV just outside of LA where it’s 10 degrees hotter than downtown. I’m here recording a CD with Geoff Levin. We’re calling it “No Room at the Inn.” We have 13 songs written and it’s been an incredible collaboration working with Geoff. We performed two of our songs live in St. Louis in May for a fabulous audience at the Sheldon Concert Hall. We hope to do another show there in the spring.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing pictures updates. Will keep you posted. Here are some shots so you can get an idea of what my life is like out here in the RV.

How about some cantaloupe?

RV Life


Beautiful day!

Valencia Travel Village


Augie in his new space in Southern California, a long way from Beach RV.

Augie The RV


In my office.

RV Life2


Breakfast with Bitsey.

Breakfast with Bitsey

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